Few will deny that CyberGhost is internationally renowned as one of the leading VPN services you can have. Initially based out of Romania (though now powered by German tech), CyberGhost launched in 2004 and offers virtual private network services for users of Windows, Android, iOS and Mac devices. More recently, CyberGhost was sold to the CrossRider Group. With over 20 million users, CyberGhost is easily a VPN service that every user is likely to consider using.

Like all VPNs, CyberGhost’s primary job is to mask your location, as well as your browsing history, activities and habits. It does this through IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and OpenVPN protocols as well as via other means. Recently, CyberGhost decided to start accepting bitcoins as one of their payment methods, in a bid to provide more security to users who don’t want others to know that they are masking their activity. That has proven a touch controversial in some sectors.


Unlike many other VPN providers who claim that they don’t keep track of your activities, CyberGhost means it. They are widely renowned for not logging or storing your activities, and with over 1,250 servers to choose from, there are plenty of places for you to get connected, whether you wish to mask your location via a phone, tablet or computer.

Users can have up to 5 devices connected at any one time, and each connection can be adjusted and fine-tuned to tailor it for the type of device you wish to connect. A total of 50 different countries form the network, and CyberGhost has made good ground in ensuring that their software can pull down geo-restrictions, allowing you to stream television shows and films from websites you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access.

Encryption is set to 256-AES bit, which is nigh on uncrackable. The German-made software behind CyberGhost is as close to state-of-the-art as you’re going to get in the public sector. Other exciting features regarding this software include an ad-blocking function, the ability to shut out malicious content, and shut down all trackers from online websites. A kill switch, unlimited bandwidth and traffic, and DNS and IP leak protection are all part and parcel of this VPN’s software.

Reliability and Security

The 256-AES bit security ensures that nothing and no-one can track your actions, and since CyberGhost doesn’t keep logs (and they mean it) your online activity is about as untraceable as it is possible to get. In short, this is the kind of VPN software that users don’t mind forking out cash on.

CyberGhost is undoubtedly speedy, too. Easy to install, fiercely reliable in that it is always online, and equipped with a kill switch to shut down your browser if it suspects something is up; CyberGhost can seemingly do it all.

CyberGhost does not get bogged down with legality. The company doesn’t seem to care too much about users downloading illegal films or movies. Since they offer absolute and total anonymity, many of CyberGhost’s clientele are those who download torrents and share material online – often illegally. The VPN providers do not judge, and they don’t report.


Live chat seems the in-thing when it comes to customer support these days, and naturally, CyberGhost can offer you support via this method. This customer support is provided around the clock, and this is undoubtedly handy given that it can be a learning curve to get used to how CyberGhost works. Screenshots can be taken immediately when using CyberGhost, and they can be e-mailed to the support department, so they can better get a handle on the kind of issues you’re having and how they can be resolved.


Now for the serious stuff – how much does all this high-end software cost? Not as much as you’d think. There is no free edition of CyberGhost. Some VPN providers do offer this service, but then they save all the main features for those paid editions and subscriptions. Since CyberGhost doesn’t run a free version, any subscription with them (monthly, yearly or otherwise) ensures that users have the full package ready and waiting for them.

CyberGhost will cost users just €11.99 per month if they want a monthly deal. A single-year subscription will set users back around €5.99 a month (billed as €71.88 a year), offering half-price savings. Alternatively, a 2-year package costs €3.50 a month (charged at €84 a year) which provides 71% savings.

A CyberGhost 30-day money back policy allows you to try their software risk-free. If you aren’t happy with the content, just get in touch with customer services (as mentioned above), and you can get a full refund.


It is pretty tough to get a better VPN package than what CyberGhost is offering. Over a thousand servers in 50+ countries, ultra-fast streaming, around the clock support, military-grade encryption, no logging, and a 30-day money back guarantee all make CyberGhost an appealing VPN deal for any user, casual or otherwise.