For many years, HideMyAss was the go-to source for most internet users who wanted to use an open proxy to visit websites which they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access. Today, the open proxy run by HideMyAss is no longer operational (although HideMyAss claims to be working on getting it running again over the next few months). In the meantime, they have put a lot of focus and attention on their VPN software, which, just like their open proxy, is famed across the net.

HideMyAss was formed in England and launched in 2009 by Jack Cator. It was one of the first real VPN services to go live. Armed with a superhero mascot (Jack the Ass) HideMyAss provides users with a virtual private network which allows them to browse the internet anonymously from anywhere in the world. By masking the user’s IP address, the software provides access to television shows you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to watch, untraceable downloading of files, and security so that your actions and footprint cannot be traced. In this regard, it offers the same services as most other VPN software packages on the net.


Of course, one of the most advantageous aspects of any VPN software package is the ability to stream television shows from Netflix, Hulu or other streaming sites by dodging geo-restrictions. If you want to watch US Netflix from the UK for instance, a VPN package such as this is the way to go. There are other aspects of HideMyAss VPN software that are worth looking at, though.

Encryption ensures that your data is safe even when using public Wi-Fi, while private browsing ensures that not even your internet service provider can track your actions. HideMyAss features a single app which can be connected to all your devices, whether they are running Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS or Android software. Three modes can be used with this app, which includes Instant (quick and secure browsing), Location (deliberately choose your home country, no matter where in the world you are) and Freedom (pick any country, any time) options.

HideMyAss lets one licensee protect up to 5 devices instantly, offers unlimited downloads or uploads, provides super speedy access to VPN connections, and carries over 760 servers in 190+ countries, far more than many of their rivals.

Reliability and Security

Despite the popularity of its open proxy service (when it was active), there are less than 200,000 users of HideMyAss VPN software. That could be in part because they are known to log records based on your activity. Although they promise not to share those with anybody, the practice itself hardly constitutes security and defies the point of using a VPN to mask your activity.

On the upside, HideMyAss does provide one of the speediest VPN connection services around, so if fast connections are your primary reasons for choosing a VPN provider, HideMyAss fits the bill. HideMyAss almost never goes down, never gets buggy, and if it weren’t for their poor history with keeping records, they would be a superb option for most users.


Customer support at HideMyAss is not as impressive as you might like to think. Their customer service team is efficient but not exactly overly friendly. Moreover, they use a ticket service which can see users waiting for up to 24 hours for a response. That isn’t exactly brilliant. You can cut down the waiting time by using live chat, but again, you must deal with an efficient but not overly friendly support assistant. On the opposite side of the coin, they FAQ they provide is ideal for getting answers to more straightforward and more mundane questions and queries yourself.


Three price plans are available when considering using HideMyAss. The first of these is, of course, the monthly plan, and it comes in at $11.99 per month. That is about the industry standard for a monthly VPN subscription. Opting for a six-month plan will see you pay $7.99 per month, saving 33% on a bi-annual bill of $47.94. Pay on a yearly basis, and you can get away with a rate of $6.99 per month, billed annually at $83.88. The annual plan offers savings of 42%. It is worth noting that the 6-month and yearly subscriptions cost more and provide fewer savings than those of their chief rivals, although their monthly plan is on par with them.

Any user not happy with their subscription has 30 days to cancel it. If you cancel your payment plan within that 30-day period, you will get a full refund.


If the primary reason you’re on the hunt for VPN software is privacy and total anonymity, then you are unlikely to be too thrilled with the news that HideMyAss has previous when it comes to logging data, even if they don’t release it. However, if you’re only interested in smashing geo-restrictions to watch some foreign television content, then you can’t go wrong with HideMyAss, as it excels at doing that. All of this, of course, is on the assumption that you are satisfied with the pricey cost of their longer-term packages.