Connecting to a VPN generally requires you to install the VPN software offered by the VPN you are choosing to connect to. VPN’s have a large number of servers located in various countries throughout the world, and depending on the VPN provider you elect to register with, this can number well into the hundreds.

When you connect to a VPN server, you are creating a secure connection that runs from your computer to the VPN server and thereby providing secure private internet access. Connecting will require you to register an account with the VPN provider. Some offer free services, however those that do reduce the value of what you will be able to access in the way of the number of servers, therefore considering selecting one of their paid services as the value is tenfold.

Once registered, download the VPN client to your desktop, smartphone or tablet and create your login details. Once logged in, you will need to select one of the servers that are listed, and you are then free to surf the internet as you would normally as all content viewed with be viewed using the VPN server.

You will find this useful going forward as some websites are blocked to in some countries, and for that purpose alone, you gain access to thousands of sites not previously accessible due to geo-recognition that prevented access.

It is worth mentioning that all VPN access uses a set of protocols that encrypt the information being sent and the information being viewed. It is also worth mentioning that all VPN service providers are not equal and some offer better services, protecting, servers and options than others, so do your research before selecting a VPN provider.


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