VyprVPN (pronounced “viper VPN”) claims to be “the world’s most powerful VPN” and comes critically acclaimed by several newspapers and publications. Having over a million users is not direct proof that VyprVPN can make up that claim, though. Whether or not this virtual private network provider can live up to its tagline depends on the service it offers, and it is that service which we’re going to look at a little closer.

Based in Switzerland (one of the major countries of the globe offering total privacy), VyprVPN instantly looks appealing with its offerings and low prices. Golden Frog is the company behind VyprVPN, and they have a reputation as an exceptional provider of numerous other software. Fast and powerful are the two words best used to describe the service offered by VyprVPN, although if we had to pick a third, it would be “strict”, and we’ll explain why a little later.


First and foremost, let’s look at what the VyprVPN service offers. Around 70 different servers are available for you to use (which isn’t a lot compared to rival competitors), with the VPN being user-friendly for those using Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and even Smart TVs. With the basic package, users can make three connections at any one time, although this can be bumped up to 5 if you upgrade to a better package.

You also need to upgrade to a Vypr’s Premium package if you want to bypass VPN blocking protocols. By default, you will connect to the quickest server available, but jumping over to another server is mightily fast, arguably faster than many of the other competitive packages out there.

Users have total control over the options and setup of their VPN, with many choosing to fine-tune their VPN to their internet connection and requirements. That creates a more streamlined experience, although it is arguably best used by those who experience in such things.

Protocols include OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP or Chameleon (VyprVPN’s protocol) to bypass VPN blockers, but the latter is only available with a Premium subscription. With numerous clients there for adjusting, this is the ideal VPN for those who wish to tinker with the settings. All the hardware used in VyprVPN is their own, running on their own network; they do not use third-party hardware.

Reliability and Security

The reliability of VyprVPN is very good. Fast connection times are reported all around, and the service never seems to go down. However, having high speed and customisable options is one thing, but there are more than a few concerns which need addressing here.

The security is not the best. For starters, although VyprVPN does not stop users downloading torrents and illegal files, they will terminate the account of any person suspected of continually infringing copyright laws. That seems hypocritical at best.

VyprVPN also freely admits to session logging. IP addresses are stored, as are connection start and stop times, and the number of bytes sent and received. This information cannot tell you what a user did, where they went or what they downloaded, but it is still potentially damaging stuff. VyprVPN tries to evade this by saying that they only store such data for 30 days, but that is usually more than enough for a court to start proceedings against serial pirates. They also have a no refund policy, which we’ll come to in just a second.


Sometimes people need support and assistance. If you do, there is an FAQ which can help you seek out answers to any questions you may have. Failing that, VyprVPN also offers a live chat section where users can obtain information and answers to any questions and queries they may have. You may wish to visit this section before you purchase the software, especially if you think you may be affected by the session logging issues.


Anybody thinking of using VyprVPN will undoubtedly want to take the 3-day free trial that they offer. This trial is provided free of charge and can give you a good idea of just how the VPN software works.

Should you decide to go all the way and purchase a subscription, there are two to choose. The basic package offers you an annual subscription costing $5 a month (billed as $60 every 12 months). Alternatively, you can decide to buy a monthly subscription at the cost of $9.95 per month.

A Premium package costs marginally more. Billed as either $12.95 per month or at $80 annually ($6.67 per month) this suite provides five connections, access to the VyprVPN cloud and their in-house Chameleon protocol.

Now for the bad news. While VyprVPN provides 3-day free trials of both editions of their software, they do not issue refunds. Under no circumstances will players get their money back, ever. That is precisely stated in their terms and conditions, and is harsh stuff, especially if your account is terminated.


If you are the type of person who looks for a VPN to do some substantial torrenting and P2P activities, this is probably a VPN service you may wish to avoid. You won’t get your money back, they essentially spy on your actions and can shut you out of your account. That is not the VPN package for anybody wishing to do a spot of illegal downloading. If your intentions are clean, then you shouldn’t have too much to worry about, save for the logging. Even so, there are better VPNs out there with more honest practices than VyprVPN.