The speed that you receive via a VPN is decided as a result of many factors. One of those is the location you are and the location of the server that you are attempting to connect too. It also will depend on the internet connection you are connecting to, meaning, if you are connecting via Wi-Fi, your connection will most likely be slower than if connecting at home.

The main attraction to using a VPN is the added layer of security they afford users. However, as data is transferred between the servers, it is encrypted and then decrypted, and this also will have an impact on the speeds experienced. This is a trade-off for having increased security as it ultimately will mean slower speeds.

Another factor that determines the speed is when VPN’s apply traffic throttling. This is when the VPN provider limits the speed performance of those connecting to servers. This is carried out as a way to ensure all users are receiving equal speeds and performances when one location is determined to show speeds dropping. In doing so, it provides balance to all and avoids dropped connections.

Also, the processing power that your device is capable of will have an impact on the speeds you experience. If your device is older, then the power of the processor will not be equal to a system that is new or only a few years old. Therefore, you should not expect the speed to be equal on all devices unless all are relatively newer models.

In addition to the above, speeds can be impacted by your firewall, so make sure to check your firewall settings to allow the VPN to consistently flow well. Lastly, the limitations set by your IPS will also impact VPN speeds, so if speed is an issue for you, it is recommended you get the faster possible speeds offered by your ISP provider.


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