Most VPN’s will state that those using their service will receive complete anonymity, however, the reality is that no VPN can keep you 100% anonymous. While the level of anonymity is substantially increased ten-fold, most user agreements state that some “personal” information is logged.

While that in some ways contradicts the purpose of a VPN, they do increase your privacy online, there is little doubt of that. The security and privacy levels should not be mistaken as total as if you look closely as a VPN, it is essentially doing as a blind or curtain does in your home, it blocks others from looking in, but if someone really wants to learn more, such as your address, it is front and center and public.

The reality is, privacy from one person to the next means something different. These are those that want basic privacy while others look for greater privacy, and some want total privacy. That in itself is a realistic expectation, but total anonymity is not, at least not in the world of the internet. What should be expected is personal information not being shared, but where you go online can and is traced and legal authorities, can and will request data from businesses that operate online as a measure to protect and prosecute criminal activities.

So to summarise, privacy will be given when using a VPN, but not total anonymity. Yet, while that is the reality we live in, there is little doubt that using a VPN does increase your privacy and that is well worth the small cost of a VPN service.


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